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Front row (L-R): Catherine Graham Bandet, Head of School Jo-Anne Woolner, Board Chair David Lee.  Second row: Merrily Dunlap (Emeritus), Jane Park, Yue Auyoung. Third row: Corina Madilian, Ray Briggs, Jann Lacoss, Randy Strait. Fourth row: Anna Hasbun, Lindsay George, Deborah Awai, Ginger Umutyan. Back row: Jordan Lopez. Alan Watson, Leland Shepherd, John Moorehead. Not pictured: Sam Christopher, Robert LeMoine, Kristine Lowe, Daisy Leung, Dr. RIchard Hofer and Sonia Street.


The Gooden School Board of Trustees

The Gooden School, like most independent schools, is governed by a board of trustees.  

The board is composed of representatives of the entire Gooden community and includes current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, education professionals, Episcopal Church leaders, and community volunteers who bring specific skills and perspectives to the board. 

The trustees, who have ultimate legal responsibility for the corporate entity which is The Gooden School, in practice, restrict their actions to five major areas: 1) the maintenance of the school’s mission and periodic reviews of the mission with input from a wide range of representatives of the school community; 2) the establishment of institutional policy; 3) the provision of material and financial resources for the school; 4) the appointment and support of the head of school, whose responsibility it is to lead the school’s day to day operations; and 5) act as the fiduciary and steward of the care and effectiveness with which policies are carried out.

The board of trustees at The Gooden School also adheres to the National Association of Independent School’s Principles of Good Practice


Board Leadership

David Lee - Board Chair

Jane Park - Secretary

Lindsay George - Governance

Randy Strait - Finance

Yue Auyoung - Advancement

Robert LeMoine - Risk

John Moorehead - Comprehensive Campaign